About Us

The first thing you should understand about this blog is that it is a shared blog. My husband John and I are both contributing to it. We both have completely different styles and personalities. (Not so much opposites attract, as it takes all kinds.) In fact, as I type this we are debating proper Oreo etiquette. I’m a split and dunk kind of girl, he’s a stuff it in your mouth kind of guy. (You can congratulate me on being in the right below.)
So instead of a short paragraph about us as a couple, you get TWO short paragraphs about who we are as people, AND (at no extra cost!!!) another paragraph about our life.

About Kerri –
I am a proud upstate New Yorker (from the state, not the city) and Buffalo Bills fan! (True blue, baby!)


I am a huge sports fan, and one of my (many) goals while we are traveling include visiting EVERY NFL stadium, preferably while my Bills are playing there. (I totally stole this idea from the Quest for 31)

gobills (Here we are harassing Tebow, Merry Christmas, Tebow, you lose.)

I want to see every baseball park, starting with following my O’s on the road.


If I can catch a Sabres game as well, all the better!


I love paintball, and hope to play all over our great country.


I love America, and American history.


I have spent the last 6 or 7 years following in my hero’s footsteps whenever and wherever I can.


I love nature and though I currently live in Virginia Beach and find it’s too city for me. I have always loved road trips. I am always teasing to stop and see the biggest ball of twine on the way. (Love www.roadsideamerica.com) moose

Yeah, I’m a big goofball, but I come by it naturally.


Really, I just want to see EVERYWHERE.

About John –

I am also from upstate New York, brought to Hampton Roads by the Navy where I served as an officer for over 11 years.

I guess I could be considered a sports nut, a die hard Green Bay Packers fan (since I can remember as a little boy) and Orioles fan (converted from the Mets when I went to college in Maryland) and love college football and basketball as well, always rooting for my Syracuse Orange and my alma mater, the University of Maryland. I love the Sabres and am still waiting for the Stanley Cup to make its way to to upstate NY.

I am the captain of a scenario paintball team, All Terrain Assassins, and we enjoy traveling around the east playing paintball whenever and wherever we can.

I have a bit of a sardonic wit, sometimes laughing at life when it throws us curveballs, and almost never failing to look for the solution to whatever problem that gets in my way.

Just like Kerri, I love history and love to visit places all around the country (and the world) to find out more about what makes people tick. I love trivia and games and am quite a geek at heart.

So, this is yet another adventure, another puzzle to solve, another bit of history to explore or create!

About Us –
We are a relatively newly married couple, enjoying our second time around. We both love sports, adventure, history, and aren’t tied to a place. We have six (6!) kids between us, and are awaiting the high school graduation of our youngest, in the hopes of full timing it. (4 more years…) We decided to buy an RV this spring to get our feet wet, get some experience and decide what we like, need, want and hate for when we upgrade to our full time Class A. This blog will detail our adventures and experiences and OPINIONS (we ALWAYS have those.)

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