Update from the Desert

The last few weeks have been exciting as we both joined softball teams for the end of the season games. I joined a team called the Nuggets and was the youngest guy on the team by 10 years. Kerri joined the Valle Girls. She was their one “under 50” player they were allowed. I played third base, left field and shortstop while Kerri played catcher. Much fun was had but we also learned just how out of shape we were in. You would think that riding bicycles all around for work, to get mail, etc. would give us a little cardio but alas, it appears not so much. My knees took a beating as the desert turf is like diamonds and just rips up skin. It would help to remember I am not 13 anymore. Kerri got winded acting as a runner for some of the older ladies. Both seasons are over now but it was great while it lasted! Thanks to both teams for welcoming us with open hearts and minds!

I have been doing some side work as an UberEats delivery driver. What is great besides the extra money is that I get to see a lot of things around the area (5 different Cactus League Spring Training stadiums) and really learn my way around. Kerri signed up for a dog walking service called Wags where she can make some extra money taking care of pups while their owners are away. All in all, it helps in the budget and is good for seeing things. We are in the east end of the valley, near Superstition Mountain. Some of my deliveries have been near there and I have seen some old cowboy places along with a rodeo while out in the boonies.

Our boss and his wife took us out to a place called Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa for some dinner and a show. The place boasts one of the world’s largest organs, a Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ that is just amazing. The organists play just about anything you can imagine and the organ includes all kinds of percussion and wind instruments in addition to the pipes. The console is on a rotating pedestal so everyone can see the organists as they play, plus there are lights and other effects. Oh yeah, there is some really good pizza and an ice cream sundae bar as well! It was a fantastic night with some wonderful people. Organ Stop Pizza is a must see if you are in this area!

Our jobs at the Sunset Grill will end with the last of the softball games later this week. It looks like we will move to the Cactus Grill (the main restaurant near the pool area) for the rest of our time here. The people area very nice and everyone wants us to come back next year for working and for softball. I am pretty sure that all of the pups’ buddies want them back as well, they have made some great canine friends over the weeks.

Time for an Xbox fix… later!

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