Here we are…

It has been 3 weeks since we pulled into Valle Del Oro in Mesa. We have been doing some exploring and mapping out some places to go see and do things while we are here for the next few months.

Our workamping jobs at the Sunset Grill have been very fun and we have met a lot of nice folks and got to watch lots of softball. The dog parks here are plentiful and the pups really enjoy going to play with other dogs and getting their exercise. Other than having a swimming hole, Piper is in heaven… there is always a tennis ball to chase!


We closed on the condo on Friday, January 12th! That was quite a relief, six months in the making. It was one fiasco after another, with additional fees being tacked on and inspections galore. Interestingly, everyone has been paid as a result of the sale except me! I called the buyer’s agent and he said they have been trying to reach me to find out where to send me the check… even though all of the info was provided days before the closing. Oh well, I should have my “incentive” check here shortly.

One of the lessons learned is despite all of the planning and determination, some things are simply out of our control. We didn’t plan on the condo taking so long to close and it has cost us way more than we budgeted. I am not a fan of the way the bank has handled the sale at all, as they prolonged the closing at every opportunity and the condo association has no forgiveness whatsoever, so the fees and utility bills just kept piling up. Thankfully the VA had some say and were proactive in pushing the closing as they guaranteed the loan and were on the hook if something were to happen, and they don’t mess around. Unfortunately, the delays ended up costing us thousands of dollars that shouldn’t have been and nobody else would take accountability for those costs, so they had to be eaten in order to sell. At least the selling agents came up with a plan and took some of the financial responsibility. But all of this has left a lasting scar. No more condos, no more traditional home ownership, no more dealing with J.P. Morgan Chase. I want to get out of debt as fast as I can!


Valle Del Oro – For a place that has so much to do, we are simply a couple of homebodies. We get out occasionally to check mail, do laundry, go grocery shopping… but overall we spend a lot of time together here in our little home watching movies or sports or binge watching TV series on Netflix or Hulu. Now that the NFL season is over, we have turned off our satellite dish (saving some money) as we only watch sports anyway. We can’t get the ACC basketball games here unless on national TV and it isn’t worth the $$ just to keep ESPN. Besides, streaming is such a better option.

We would love to play softball or pickleball, or just play some euchre. We still have a lot to learn so we will keep exploring!

And, of course, we will keep on gaming on our Xbox One(s.) 🙂 Call of Duty! Skyrim! Dragon’s Dogma!

Speaking of workamping, we have been offered and accepted another workamping position for the summer season. We will be going to Tall Pines Campground in Bainbridge, NY and will be there through at least Labor Day. We will be jacks of all trades, doing whatever is needed at the campground and preparing for the big weekend events through the summer season. That will also put us closer to “home” and families. I am looking forward to the canoe/kayak trips down the river… and some good fishing!

So that is an update…. I’m sure there will be more to follow!

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