It’s Snow Problem

Well. We thought we were prepared. We came back from Mom’s on Wednesday, after attending an awesome Paint and Sip held by the Whitesville Public Library. We hurried back to Orchard Park and topped off the gas in both vehicles and the propane in the RV, did our grocery shopping and settled in for the wintry blast coming off the Great Lakes.

We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, as we haven’t dealt with “real” snow since we left NY well over 20 years ago!

We enjoyed playing with the pups in the snow, and coming back to our nice warm RV, and were REALLY excited about the game that Sunday, as the Colts are a dome team, and not used to the weather! When Sunday dawned the snow was really coming down! It was amazing! Tailgating was great, the stadium staff had cleared off the seats but 4″ had already accumulated since the evening before!

You couldn’t even see the other side of the stadium! The real heroes that day were the snow removal crews, and of course LeSean McCoy! Shady ran like the field was clear, and gave us our overtime win! Although we couldn’t help but notice the snow coming down, we were still surprised at the amount that covered our car! After helping to push out another car, we scrapped our plans to meet Paul and Lisa down at the Big Tree. Instead we cuddled up watched football, and woke up to this….

And also the realization that we needed more gas for the generator! I was concerned with the weight of the snow on the roof, and the fact that the solar panels were buried. So I went up on the roof, armed with my broom and cleared off the panels and most of the roof, leaving a strip down the middle as the wet, cold roof was so slippery, and the snow provided some traction. Then we set to work digging out the car. First, John cleared it off, then we painstakingly kicked a path through the snow to the road. It was an hour of pretty intense aerobic activity, beach body here I come!

We no sooner do we get the car out and these awesome guys showed up!


Thank you, guys! They made us a nice driveway, and we rewarded ourselves with Tim Hortons, and a snow shovel! All settled in again, we were hit with another foot last night! Ugh…. However, nothing can ruin a day when the Cheatriots lost! Another bright spot is that the pups LOVE playing in the snow!


One thought on “It’s Snow Problem

  1. Glad to see you having so much fun, John. We’re settling in down here for some nasty weather all weekend (rain of course), but looking forward to a week off with our daughter back from college.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and a very Happy New Year, my friend!


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