A long overdue update…

After our time in Virginia with the family it was time to head back to Orchard Park for some more football. This time it was for the Bills/Raiders game and the Bills did not disappoint. There were some great Raiders fans and some not so cool Raider faithful but in the end, there is always a dumpster waiting for an unruly opposing fan around New Era Field!



It is typically cold and rainy changing to snow before my birthday in late October, but we haven’t seen the snow until early November. Must be that global warming thing everyone keeps talking about. I prefer my normal Bills attire…


RV wise, our only change made recently was to add mud dauber screens to the outside vents for the water heater and furnace. Colton RV has gone above and beyond to try to figure out the Lippert Jacks issue, but we are at the last resort stage where they want to replace the hydraulic pump which is a very expensive repair. The jacks work just fine and the error messages are only a nuisance, so we have opted to not do anything yet.

Prior to the game and since my birthday was on Friday, Kerri took me to Outback Steakhouse in Hamburg for a birthday dinner. They have a new promotion with steak and unlimited shrimp… and I maxed out!


It was great food followed by a free birthday sundae and the waitress threw my leftover box at me! I think she was upset that she didn’t understand what I wanted so I ended up getting double the shrimp (I wasn’t complaining) but it made for more work for her. I suppose listening to the customer would have been a better option for her!

After the game, we went back to Trout Run Campground in Wellsville for a week or so to change out some clothing and downsize yet again. Since it was near my birthday, Grandma Ball and Grandma Jackie decided to host a card party for some Euchre and some festivities in my honor. That was fun and we played cards during the Bills Thursday night game against the Jets. The outcome of THAT wasn’t so much fun, and both Kerri and I had a bad weekend of football since the Packers also got demolished on Monday night by the Lions. Without ARod, the Packers don’t seem to have any heart. It looks to be a long year for Packers fans. Cue the “Waterboy” memes…


Being the nerd that I am it should come as no surprise that I wanted the new iPhone X. Yes, I got up at 3 a.m. on my birthday to pre-order it and then waited patiently at my mother-in-law Jackie’s house for it to arrive. Sure enough, at around 1:30 p.m., the UPS man arrived with a bunch of goodies for us.


In addition to the iPhone X, I also ordered a wireless/USB charging station for the bedroom from Amazon (thanks Jennifer and Trevor for the gift card!) and it arrived at the same time.


The bad news about Jackie’s house is the lack of a decent cell signal. She does have WiFi thanks to Armstrong, but it turns out that many people were also having activation issues, so I didn’t really get the iPhone into restore mode until later that night back at the campground. But once up and running, it is a beautiful device! It is like the love child of an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Note 8. It is fast, the FaceID works as advertised, and the screen is truly the best I have ever seen. It takes some getting used to the new gestures to get around, but it isn’t too different from the Samsung Galaxy 8+ that I had along with the familiar iOS apps. I can generally use it without reading glasses, which is a bonus, not to mention it also is only slightly larger than the iPhone 7/8, so it is pocket friendly. Today marks one week with it and I am VERY happy.

Here it is, November 10th and it is COLD in Orchard Park. It was snowing earlier and will not be above freezing for the next 36 hours or so. Welcome to Buffalo, Drew Brees and the rest of the New Orleans Saints. Hopefully you end up cold on the field as well!

We are planning to head back to Wellsville for Thanksgiving week with the grannies and hope that some kids can make the trip up! Food, games and fun! And then a trip to Pittsburgh for the Packers game on Sunday, November 26th. It is currently scheduled as the Sunday night game but with the Packers looking so bad, it may get flexed back to an early game… we shall see.


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