Back in the Saddle Again…

Our road trip to Cincinnati was fun, even though the Bills ended up losing. We met a lot of great people, tailgated with the Bills Mafia, let the dogs run wild at the Otto Armleder Dog Park, escaped from the Breakout room β€œHostage” with Jennifer and Trevor and generally had a fantastic time.

The pups really enjoyed their time at the dog park to the point where poor Annabelle came home lame from running for so long and so hard. Piper was her usual ball hawking self and her little tail never stops wagging. MacDuff acts like the mayor, greeting all of the dogs as they come in and then herding them by color. It seems he prefers black and white dogs over other colors, even though he will greet them. They just can’t join his posse, I mean pack…

The FMCA Campground is an awesome deal, even if it is only for FMCA members. 2 free nights per month plus $20/night for up to 5 additional nights is a hard deal to beat. It was quite busy with several campers waiting in the electric-only area for a full hookup site to become available. We waited two nights to get one and hustled over to the site once the other RV that had been there cleared the parking lot.

Spending Columbus Day with Jennifer and Trevor was much fun. In addition to the Breakout room, we enjoyed some Mexican for lunch and played some Euchre before heading to Flipdaddy’s for dinner.

Then we hit the road heading to Virginia. I promised before we left that I would come back to play in the annual Nerd Golf tournament (the biggest Sentara United Way fundraiser, which I used to organize with my good friend Dave Hultgren) and I am making good on that promise.

We also expect to see the kids in Virginia as well as lots of friends who we miss. Kerri is going to help out in planning for Halloween with Adrian and Josie and I am hoping to get some closure on the condo sale while in town. We are staying at the Holiday Trav-L Park at the oceanfront in a nice central spot that has enough shade but good satellite views of the sky.

We are planning to party at our paintball brother (and my brother from another mother!) Ken’s on Saturday afternoon and then meet at A. J. Gator’s on Holland Road on Sunday to watch the Packers play the Vikings.

It seems that we forgot how humid and sticky coastal Virginia was as it has been way warmer than we have been accustomed to in upstate New York these past several weeks. But thankfully we still have our shorts and flip flops!

That is it for now… time to play some XBox One!

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