A time to move along

Our time in New York State was great and we are now on the move again, currently at the FMCA Campground in Cincinnati after a quick stop in Erie, PA to overnight and watch the Packers/Bears game. We had an electric-only spot for a couple of days but were able to claim a full hookup site this morning.

Saturday was spent doing laundry and getting groceries. We have also started binge watching the show “Designated Survivor” and we are almost done with the first season.

While in Orchard Park, we got the RV serviced. The generator got an oil and filter change and we had them look at the leveler system as it still shows an error. Colton RV was very accommodating as we didn’t buy our RV there but they have had a very hard time fixing the leveler error. After talking to Lippert, they believe they have it narrowed down to a sensor unit, so they have ordered the part and we will try it again when we go back later in October.

During the tailgating, I tried out my new creation – the pierogie burger. It consists of a beef patty, kielbasa slices, cheese and pierogie on a roll with whatever condiments one may like. It is a mouthful but oh, so delicious!

We also made appointments for all of the dogs to have their semi-annual checkups and MacDuff had to have a couple of his teeth extracted because they were cracked as well as he needed a teeth cleaning. They all did well on their checkups and Duff has been fine since his oral surgery.

Today, we went to the Bills Backers of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky meeting place at Barleycorn’s to watch the Bills game against the Falcons. Today is Kerri’s birthday and all she wanted was a Bills win. The crowd at Barleycorn’s was very nice and friendly and we had a fun time during the game planning next week’s group tailgate for the Bills/Bengals game. Kerri was wearing her new Micah Hyde jersey and it was quite a game for the former Packer who had 7 tackles and 2 interceptions. The bonus was the Bills winning, taking down the Falcons and making the crowd at Barleycorn’s quite happy.

The plan is to stay here this week and catch up with Jennifer and Trevor when they come back from their honeymoon trip to Hawaii and go to the Bills/Bengals game next Sunday and spend Monday with them, then head to Virginia to see the old crew plus the rest of our kids. I will be playing in the annual Nerd Golf tournament on October 13 and we will be spending time in the area with friends and family and head back to Orchard Park the following week for more Bills home games.

In the meantime we are going to go sightseeing and check on some museums and other attractions during the week. The gang at the Bills Backers of CNK gave us a lot of places to start checking out. We are looking forward to pointing out all of the good ones in a future post.

One thought on “A time to move along

  1. Hey you two! So glad to see y’all are having a great time. Love your reading everything your doin and everywhere you have been and the plans you have made. Take care of yourselves.


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