Home, Sweet Home

The past week has been very enjoyable. We have settled down at Trout Run Camp Resort in Wellsville, NY close to Kerri’s mom and Grandma Ball. It is a very nice park on the Genesee River that has a driving range and a heated salt water pool. During the weekdays it isn’t very busy and nice and quiet, the weekend was a bit different as it was pretty much full with a lot of weekend campers and lots of campfires and partying. The owners are very nice and they come by to check on things fairly often and even patched up their roads just after we got here last week.


After we left Orchard Park, we went to Interstate Battery in Hamburg and swapped out our 4 group 27 sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries with 4 group 31 absorbed glass mat (AGM) Interstate batteries for even longer battery time. AGM batteries tend to hold up better under extreme circumstances as well as can handle all kinds of charging cycles. This is good for us since we are sometimes driving long distances, sometimes on shore power, sometimes on generator but always have 400 watts of solar power trying to keep the batteries charged. I have to admit, I think we damaged our previous batteries somehow by overcharging them as they didn’t hold a charge as long as when the RV was new and I would hope that batteries would last longer then 18 months in pretty constant usage. We now have a much more confident feeling when going boondocking, and are looking forward to testing them during the next Bills preseason game tailgating.

We also got our new day/night shades from Shade-Man. It was a bit of work to remove and install them but well worth it. The day shades are simply amazing – they are basically a dark mesh screen that allows us to see out but cuts down the sun and heat dramatically. The night shades are completely opaque and both shades roll up and down easily and are adjustable. No more stupid strings to mess with or worry about!


I also moved the sound bar from inside the entertainment center to a new location above the main TV. This has been much better, the brackets were a bit of a pain to install but well worth the effort. Now we can hear every whisper during Game of Thrones! Not to mention we love the roar of the dragons from the subwoofer on the floor!


Most of our reason for choosing Trout Run is that it is located in a nice park with full hookups and drive through sites, plenty of internet access, the pool and driving range (yes, I am missing playing some golf!) and a nice laundry room. But it is also located close to Kerri’s mom Jackie and her grandmother Fran. Fran just recently had surgery (at 91!) to install a pacemaker and has been suffering from a shortage of breath, but everything seems good at the moment. We have been spending a lot of time with them, playing euchre (Fran is my partner, Jackie is Kerri’s partner) and traveling around Western NY to see all of the places that Fran once lived (and Kerri and Jackie as well!) and it has been an awful lot of fun. We have been out to eat a few times, going to several of Wellsville’s finest eateries including Beef Haus and L’Italia. The pups have been spending a lot of time at Jackie’s and Piper in particular just loves swimming in the pond. She spent several hours swimming yesterday during the eclipse while we played euchre in the gazebo, only stopping long enough to check out the eclipse and then to take a boat ride. The four of us then met Kerri’s Aunt Cindy and her husband Joe in downtown Wellsville at the “world famous” Texas Hot restaurant for dinner and some fun.


The tour of all of the places that Kerri’s family has lived was much fun and I finally got to see many of the landmarks she is always talking about. Although I had grown up in upstate NY I had never really ventured west past Ithaca except for certain group outings. So going to places like Hemlock, Honeoye, Naples, Bloomfield and Lima were all new to me. The terrain was very familiar – the Finger Lakes dominate the way the terrain is formed, with roads running up and down the glacier made hills, much like I was familiar with Skaneateles Lake, Cayuga Lake and the areas nearby. What was really fun was listening to the stories about growing up here and there and finding out more about Kerri’s family. I was driving and occasionally we stopped for pictures or just to get a better look. Kerri tried to trespass at her grandmother’s Uncle Murray’s former place, hopping the gate to go get better pictures. That is, until she heard voices and ran back to the car. Typical Kerri… trying to get arrested or kicked out yet again. But the sights along the way and the memories brought such smiles to all of the girl’s faces… and that is reward enough in itself! We stopped in Lima for ice cream at George France restaurant and they gave us these huge cones even when we asked for small! No need for dinner after… I think it took Jackie over an hour to finish hers and Fran had to give hers to Duke (Jackie’s dog) when we got back. That sounds like quite a day!

It has been a refreshing week so far. I plan to play some golf at Wellsville Country Club later this week and we will play lots more euchre and scat with Fran and Jackie. We hope to host a cookout here at our site later this week as well. Otherwise, we are just waiting on our tags to come in for our new Cherokee and then we can get them on and be fully street ready.

I love New York State… at least upstate. I love the hills and the lakes. I don’t like the taxes and I don’t like the way the state government uses the poor blue collar workers and farmers upstate and leads them astray with bogus promises. But these are my people – our people – and it feels good to be home. It has been way too long.

“You know I’m a dreamer
But my heart’s of gold
I had to run away high
So I wouldn’t come home low

Just when things went right
It doesn’t mean they were always wrong
Just take this song and you’ll never feel
Left all alone

Take me to your heart
Feel me in your bones
Just one more night
And I’m comin’ off this

Long and winding road
I’m on my way
I’m on my way
Home sweet home”Β 

– MΓΆtley CrΓΌe



One thought on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. OK – you’ve been gone about 2 months now. Getting tired of the nomadic life yet? Glad you’re solving all those little problems that seem to plague us. Take care, have fun and drop an email if you’d like.


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