Circling the Wagons

The Syracuse Rally was fun. I enjoyed looking at the new RV’s for ideas, (that cupboard has a secret compartment! the shelving in front for things you use a lot and behind it more storage!) They were also hosting a horse show! I missed most of the good stuff, but still enjoyed it thoroughly! The Lead Rope Class was ADORABLE.Β  Watching the In Hand class brought back memories of when I showed at the Fair.

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After we headed to up to my Mom’s area for a visit. My Gram had surgery and we wanted to check up on her. You know you live in the country when the flowers we ordered never made it there as they had no one who delivered in that area! Our visit was wonderful for everyone, as the dogs had some needed off leash time to run and swim and play with Duke, and we had some quality Euchre time as well! We went out to dinner at Mom’s favorite restaurant the Beef Haus. which was AMAZING. John particularly enjoyed the cheesecake at the end. πŸ™‚Β  Poor Duffy had an incident where apparently he played TOO HARD and ended up with Cold Water Tail Syndrome. We thought for sure he broke it, and splinted it, which didn’t make him very happy. However its back to it’s normal poofy self now, but he still is going to the Vet’s tomorrow.

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After leaving Mom’s we made our way to Orchard Park. Home Sweet Home for me! We set up camp then went down to the always amazing Big Tree Inn for dinner. Pizza and wings, yum! The next day we went to breakfast at Uncle Joe’s Diner and it was YUM! and then had the Preseason game against the Vikings to look forward too! I was a little surprised at how few people actually attend preseason games. The tailgating wasn’t up to par but our burgers were SO GOOD. One of the most noticeable changes was how many Vikings fans there were, and how inexperienced the crowd was. I think preseason games must be for entry level fans. It was an experience though! I liked what I saw on the field, for the most part. Nate Peterman is going to be something special. When he hit his receiver in front of us, I could hear the THWAP of the ball hitting the guy’s gloves! Jonathan Williams looks to be a solid backup for Shady, it was too bad he was dinged up during the first quarter. Our O-Line still needs help. I was HUGELY disappointed to see that. Anquan Boldin didn’t play as we had only signed him like a day before, I am SO looking forward to seeing him perform today at the last Training Camp. I’m also looking forward to seeing Jordan Matthews! Which brings up the blockbuster moves the Bills made Friday.

Trading Sammy Watkins. Well, it is quite a polarizing move here in Bills Mafia Nation. Personally I’m a fan. Sammy has been hurt more often then healthy, he has a tendency to “take plays off’ while on the field. I feel like he puts forth only enough effort to get by on most of his catches and goes to the ground immediately upon catching the ball, regardless of where the first down marker is or what is in the best interest of the team. He is a “me first” player who has been very public in his views about being under paid, as well as his views on his team’s fans. That being said, I wish Sammy the best of luck in LA. Darby I will miss, however, I feel like they actually did him a favor as he will be going to a team with no other options at CB.

Yesterday we attended the “Cigar Dave Alpha PleasureFest on the Water” at the Buffalo RiverWorks. The RiverWorks is an amazing venue and had SO MUCH going on! There was a floor hockey game next to our event, there were yoga and spin classes being held towards the front of building, and those are only the things I know about! The event itself was interesting as “Cigar Dave” was hosting his radio show from the event. They had an amazing buffet, and jam packed goody bags, and deals on all the things John loves best. Best of all was the company, though. πŸ™‚ Afterward we took Joe, Jake and Riley to try the worlds first (and best in my opinion) Buffalo Wings at the Anchor Bar. Then came back to the RV for some cornhole. It was a great day. Now I need to go andΒ  get ready to go to Saint John Fisher for training camp! What a week!


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