Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. – Seneca


IMG_8965After leaving Indianapolis we set our sights on Sioux Falls again. It was quite a trip, and I have learned that many states need to work on their roads! It was a rough ride on several of the major highways. After a long day of traveling we stopped at a tiny little campground called Hunt’s Cedar River Campground.

Though the campground had low reviews, we found it to be wonderfully charming once we were settled. The trip into the campground was a little nerve wracking though. You had to make your way down this dirt road that ran parallel to the highway, and it was really dusty,ย and bumpy. When we arrived I was extremely nervous about the steep hill down into the actual campground site. ย However, it wasn’t as bad as it appeared and we were happy to enjoy a very nice eveningย in aย niceย campground. It had plenty of features that we didn’t get to take advantage of. There was archery tag, a bunch of horseshoe pits, a volleyball court, 1/2 basketball court, and a fantastic mini golf course, and a wonderful pool that we did take advantage of. The spaces were good sized and offered a table and fire ring, and most were pull through. You can find my review here.

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