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IMG_8772Well. Here it is, Thursday, and it’s been a full week since I’ve last posted. Last week was the FMCA Crossroads to Fun Rally, and they kept me pretty busy. We arrived at 9 am and was the first ones parked. Due to the “odds and evens” way they were parking the MANY RV’s we couldn’t set up anything until we had our neighbors established. So once we walked the dogs, it seemed like a great time to take a nap. When we woke up, we had neighbors!

Awesome neighbors who ended up feeling like we have known them for years.  The next two days were consumed by the RV Basics course. They were long, long days full of sitting and absorbing information. I was exhausted at the end of each day. Don’t get me wrong, it was totally worth it, and I feel like I will get even more out of it when I go back through the book they gave us as a handout. However, sitting still and being quiet are not my strong suits, so it took quite a bit out of me.

After that class ended the real fun started! At first John and I had built a very ambitious seminar schedule for ourselves. We attended the first two, and found that they weren’t at all what we were expecting, then we lightened our seminar load considerably. As soon as the vendor fair opened, we made sure to take advantage of that though! What an AMAZING display of consumerism! There were displays of products for everything even loosely motor home related! We spent the first day visiting all the vendor booths, seeing what they offered, asking questions and generally talking to the people. When we went home, we talked about all we saw, and divided them up into 4 lists. Need to have, Nice to have, interesting idea, and does not apply.IMG_8823

The first thing we purchased were Day/Night shades from the Shade Man. These shades promise to let in light but not the heat, which means I can still see out and wont have to bake for the privilege. That is the one downfall for RV’s, If you open the window shade it becomes an oven inside. These also promise to be WAY more sturdy than the pleated shade that came with it. The tiny strings that make them work have broken in three of them already. 😦 We do not have them installed yet, as they are made to order.

The second thing we did was to upgrade our Tire Minder System. We had one sensor that had gone bad, which we replaced, and upgraded to the Bluetooth version which lets John monitor our tires on the RV, on the tow dolly, and on the Renegade right on his phone.IMG_8828

Our next stop was the Queen of Pain Relief. The night before Piper had bitten John, and the nice lady running the booth gave him a free spritz on his hand as well as on his back, which is always sore. I didn’t expect much, but John swore it worked! The next day I couldn’t deny the fact that the wound looked WAY better, and that SAME day I managed to get a pretty good sunburn on my shoulders. First I used aloe, which works but only for about 30 minutes. Next we sprayed this stuff on it, and I actually slept well and it did a good job healing it up. The peeling is a completely OTHER issue.

We also replaced our shower head with an Oxygenics shower head. If any of you have low pressure or simply want more pressure I highly recommend it! My showers went from ok to AH-MAZING, even at campgrounds with their usually shoddy water pressure.

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That was it for our shopping spree. After that we went to look at  the motor coach displays. They had some on display that were worth several millions. I didn’t go in those due to the rule about taking off your shoes first. We went through a whole bunch of the more moderately priced ones, to see what was new, what we liked, and to get ideas for mod-ing our own home on wheels. John was rather taken with Thor’s 3401 Aria, but I have no interest in a diesel coach, esp. after my RV Basics class. There’s a LOT of moving parts, that require a LOT of maintenance, and are very expensive to replace. I love the fact I can take my coach to a ford dealer to have it fixed. He also favored the Thor Challenger with it’s pop up TV and free standing dinette. Personally I favored the 1/2 million dollar Super C being sold by American RV. I don’t have a link for it, but it was the bomb! I snatched some ideas from it, so you can see the bits and pieces of it above.

After we had our fill of exploring, and getting sunburnt we headed over to the Agricultural building for the Ice Cream Social! That was a great time. 🙂 While enjoying our Sundaes, we were entertained by the Frustrated Maestros.

We arrived home and admired our neighbors, the Rigby’s, carved wooden sign and decided we definitely need one ourselves. So we went and ordered one prior to heading out to Mexican with the Rigby’s. I miss them already! The one thing I have to say that really stands out about this new lifestyle of ours is that you meet the BEST, most interesting people!!! I am so glad we started this adventure!

We also signed up to have our coach weighed. John and I were betting on the outcome. I bet that it would be over weight and heavier on the passenger side. John thought it would be at or slightly over weight and heavier on the driver side. He was closer, we are actually under weight and it’s slightly heavier on the driver side, but not even enough to worry about! That was SUCH a relief!!Coach Weighing, we are next

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