What a week!

It has been an exciting week on the road. 

After visiting my brother in Plattsburgh, NY, we stopped in Cortland, NY (my hometown) and saw my old buddy Jim Moore who was getting my dadโ€™s drafting table from us. We chatted for a while and then went to the cemetery to check on the family plots and then hit my favorite soft ice cream place – Footieโ€™s Freeze – on our way to Kerriโ€™s momโ€™s in Whitesville, NY where there is little to no cell signal available. We dropped off a bunch of winter stuff and family paintings and other heirlooms and then hit the road for Indianapolis and our first FMCA rally. Our trip took us along I-86 West to I-90 West and then just outside of Cleveland, we veered southwest towards Columbus and I-71 South. At that point we decided to go even further to just outside of Dayton, OH for the night and less than 2 hours on Sunday to get to Indy. Here is my faithful co-pilot doing what she does best:

During our trip south on I-71, our TireMinder system indicated that we had a tire almost flat (the inner driver side rear dually) so we stopped at the next exit where there was a conveniently located Pilot Service Center and got out the compressor and the good tire pressure gauge and then checked ALL of our tires. It turned out to be a false alarm. We have had some issues with the system not getting signals from most of our tires at some point, but this was a very scary situation which fortunately turned out that all was well. We got on the road and lost maybe 15 minutes in all, but our hearts were still racing.

We stopped at a Walmart in Huber Heights and it was a very high traffic Walmart with another RV joining us later and then a car hauler pulled in after dark. There were lots of cars coming and going into the wee hours with some screeching and engines being revved just for kicks. Not much sleep came that night.

Sunday morning, we rolled out of Walmart around 7:30 a.m. and made it to the Indy State Fairgrounds around 9:30 a.m. and were amazed to discover that we were the first ones to show for the RV Basics class and the camping that went along with it. We were shown to our site and then had to wait a bit to finish setting up as we needed our neighbors to pull through next to us before we could put out our slides and awning, etc. So… we took a nice nap and around noon we were awakened by noise next door and found our new neighbors for their week had arrived. So we got out and finished setting up camp and then pumped up our bike tires, added our phone mounts (we are geeks, after all) and rode over to check out the grounds. 

We got a text earlier that the concessions were open and they had strawberry shortcake so we had to see it for ourselves. And yes, it was delicious!

Sunday night was a meet and greet with all of the RV Basics class members and instructors along with much of the FMCA leadership. Afterwards, Kerri and I got the RV rearranged even more, making more space inside and finding places and ways to store things.

Monday morning, the class started at 8 a.m. sharp and ran until after 5 p.m. It was lots of good information and a great opportunity to connect with fellow motor coach owners and professional RV trainers. Kerri and I asked some questions and were also asked a bunch of questions due to our own experiences, which was kinda cool to be able to help out fellow RVโ€™ers. We are looking forward to Tuesdayโ€™s classes and then changing gears and really getting the rally going with some seminars and vendor discovery. We have a few vendors in mind that we would like to talk with such as Minder Research (TireMinder TPMS Systems) and MCD Shades (for day/night shade replacements.) 

It is warm in Indy, but the AC is on and I hope to sleep well tonight!

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