A Country Mile

Tuesday, was the 4th of July, my FAVORITE holiday. We had a great time with John’s family. Cooking out, corn hole and later a nice night at the fire pit, and fireworks done by amateurs where no one lost any fingers ala JPP.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday as sick as a dog. Not this dog, though. This is Winston. Isn’t he adorable?IMG_2091Anyway, I think we took on bad water in PA. John was mildly affected by it, but I was hit hard. Thursday night our camper was full of mosquitoes or at least felt that way, and we had little sleep. 

Friday I was finally feeling human, again, which was excellent timing as we were hitting the road again. Parting is always hard, and I thank John’s family for their hospitality. I’d also like to take a moment to thank our nephew, Ben for his service. He is a witty, brave and capable young man, whom I always enjoy spending time with. Please be safe Ben. 

Once we were back on the road we had a rather tight schedule to get all the stuff we wanted to do done. This is the antithesis of what I want out of this life style. Sometimes you just have to squeeze things in… We were heading to Cortland NY, John’s home town. Once there we were dropping off John’s father’s drafting table to his friend Jimmy, and paying our respects to his parents, and also making a stop at the BEST little ice cream stand in the state, Footies Freez.

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After accomplishing all that, we were hoofing it down to the Southern Tier to visit with my mom and Grandma, and to let Piper swim in her favorite swimming hole. On the drive down we were tired, cranky, stressed and the GPS mis-routed us. We ended up making a circle around Whitesville and coming in from the back side, adding a little time and a lot frustration to our drive. When we finally arrived we hooked up power and water, loaded our laundry and dogs into the car and headed up for a relaxing dinner of Meatloaf, and Mac & Cheese and several games of Euchre. When we arrived back at our cozy home on wheels, all of us, dogs included settled in quickly to bed. Our spot at Mike’s Place is shady and quiet which meant that despite our intentions,  we ended up sleeping in. This had pluses and minuses. Plus. We needed the sleep. Minus. We were behind schedule. However, as I walked the dogs, I noticed there was a storm coming over the mountains. Talk about fast moving! It was a full on pouring down rain, thunderstorm before Piper had finished her breakfast!IMG_8725This picture does not do justice to the amount of rain in a short period of time! After it blew over (about 15 minutes start to finish) we unhooked, refilled our fresh water, loaded the jeep and were off on our next adventure! As we are not in a hurry, it has been a wonderful relaxing ride, with only one small glitch.

We have a tire pressure measuring system on our RV. It’s the Tire Minder TM 66. Sounds like a prudent idea to keep an eye on your tire pressure, does it not? Hopefully to prevent flats and blowouts, who wants to deal with any of that? We had just replaced the batteries in the system in Plattsburg, however, we are dealing with false readings today! It set of an alert saying we had a leaking inner duelly, reading at 76 lbs. We pulled over at our first opportunity to inspect it, John pulled out the compressor while I visually inspected all the tires, looked fine. So we got the gauge and read every single tire on our coach. All within acceptable limits. John says Tire Minder is known for their customer service, we will update you on that. 🙂

We are drawing close to our Walmart stopping place for tonight. We have plenty to get as we are boondocking at the Fairgrounds this next week for the FMCA Rally. We also have some projects we want to complete. On shopping to do list is;

Black Paint to spray the PVC couplers we are using as modified cup holders.


Coat Hooks to add to our closets for quick access items

Glue Dots for Yoda and his Puppy


A hook and eye set to keep our cupboard closed when you are driving those rough NY roads

Printer Paper for our new Printer, an Epson WF-100 that fits snugly with my Epson ES-200 scanner in the overhead cupboard.


Last but not least (besides groceries) is a squeegee to wipe clean the windshield and puppy window as we apparently left the original one home.

Until later, may you have smooth roads ahead



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