Ups and Downs…

Well our stay at American Heritage RV Park was cut short by a call from our daughter at home. One of our pups was not doing well, diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and liver disease. She had been battling for several weeks, but every time she made progress she went back. She wouldn’t eat, drink and was vomiting like crazy all around the house. She was lethargic… and she was only 3 years old.

Upon getting the call we packed up and headed home. Suffering through traffic we got home and the poor girl didn’t even greet us at the door. After sitting with her for a while and trying to go through all of the remaining options, we determined it wasn’t fair to her to let her keep suffering and we went to visit the vet and say goodbye. Sydney was a wonderful dog, and it is such a shame she lived such a short life. At least she was loved and gave us so much love in return.

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, an opportunity happened to show up at Kerri’s work when a group of shelter dogs came in for the summer school reading program. Kerri immediately took to one of the pups named “Sir Fluffytail” who looked to be a Springer Spaniel/Border Collie mix (like MacDuff) and we decided to go to the shelter to check him out. Sir Fluffytail seemed to be a good fit and we ended up adopting him soon after our visit. In the few weeks that followed, he seemed to adjust well to some things but he also got more aggressive and we found that he had some severe separation anxiety. We tried several things to work on his anxiety, but he still tore up one arm of our couch next to his crate, the floor in the bedroom, the floor under his crate as well as dinged up his crate and soiled in it frequently. Unable to leave him in the crate for fear of him hurting himself and unable to leave him out as he tried to escape and destroyed stuff in the house, we realized we could not bring him in the RV with us as he would easily tear it apart. Sadly, we contacted MAESSR (Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue) and their expertise in trying to train him and we surrendered Sir Fluffytail (since renamed Sabre) to MAESSR.

At this point several weeks had passed since our last trip (which was cut short anyway.) It was football season and being the Bills season ticket holders that we are, we left for Orchard Park. We spent a day driving and then dry camping next to New Era Field (the new name of the Bills stadium) during the home opener for a couple of days. The home opener was a Thursday night game and that meant we had all day to party and enjoy all of the sights and sounds. Unfortunately, the Bills didn’t play too well and lost the game, falling to 0-2.

On Friday, we left Orchard Park and headed southeast to Whitesville, where we hooked up and visited family.

All in all, it was a great trip. I’m ready to do it again!

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