“Real traveling is not about visiting places but ‘re-visiting’ our inner-self.” ― Sorrab Singha

This weekend we are heading out, just a bit down the road to American Heritage RV Park. I’m super excited, none the less. I know that camping will recharge my batteries, that need to be PRE-charged before the big push of school starting. Things are about to get hectic in the real world.

I also hope to catch some rare or high CP Pokemon while we are there. 🙂 I’m not ashamed! #Team Instinct #StayGolden

So ION at Skirmish. Most Fun Ever! I highly recommend anyone who even casually plays paintball attend one ION. Only ONE of the negative things I had heard about Skirmish turned out to be true. The paint is a little expensive, however it shot wonderfully, and I shot a good deal of it. They are super organized there, everything was easily accessible, and well-marked. The game itself was inspired. The players were awesome, and yes there was some cheating, but there are ALWAYS going to be those people (i.e. The New England Patriots), no matter what you are playing. You can’t let the bad apples spoil the whole barrel. Here is a great video that sums up the weekend. OH! I almost forgot to mention Allies Won!


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