Let’s get this show on the road…

After going to a LOT of RV Shows, RV dealers, looking online, and renting a Class C, we decided to purchase our first Class A Motorhome. We had even taken a trip to Florida to visit a specific dealer, where the fantastic salesman, (even though he knew we weren’t there to buy) spent 30 minutes showing us around, and discussing the differences, advantages and disadvantages of different makes and models of RV’s,

We were looking for a starter model, something inexpensive to get our feet wet, so we could decide if we really wanted to full time it in four years, when Emma graduates. We had been watching http://www.rvtrader.com/ religiously, had our searches set up for notifications, and were making trips to different dealers in our area to see what they had, what they expected to get, and to get a feel for the different places. The first one I really liked was outside of our price range, so we kept looking.

imagesCA6TVGMN Holiday Rambler Trip

Eventually, we hit on a 1998 Itasca Sunflyer. The price was right, the mileage was LOW, and despite the fact it was covered in really disturbing cat wallpaper, it was worth a look.


So we ventured out to Dodd RV Yorktown. I think John was sold right from the beginning. I took a little more convincing. Right up until the day we signed the papers, I was still dragging my feet.

2Cat wallpaper!

In the weeks before pickup day, I had researched different campgrounds nearby (just in case we had to bail out) to find the PERFECT one to start our RVing experience. I decided to go with Ed Allen’s Campground. To be completely honest, what sold me on Ed Allen’s was all the ice cream they were serving all weekend. Ice cream makes EVERYTHING better. It was a fantastic choice and they are great people who really looked out for us after I had mentioned we were completely brand new when making my reservation.

1Proud Owners

Then came Pickup day! The timing couldn’t BE more perfect! We picked it up the Saturday of Memorial Weekend so we could take it and try it out. As we were picking it up for the first time, we loaded up my Jeep with gear to outfit the RV, and the two dogs.  We drove up to Yorktown, signed what felt like MILLIONS more papers, and then went out for our walk through with Dennis, where I thought we were paying strict attention. Then off we went to Ed Allen’s.

4Our first campsite

I followed the RV, and was impressed with John’s driving skills on the narrow, twisty road to the campground. Arriving at Ed Allen’s they were super friendly and gave us a large, drive through space, perfect for first timers. We quickly realized that we missed SOMETHING in the walk through, as we messed up the leveling, and then couldn’t figure out how to get the jacks back up! We called Dodd, and Dennis came to the rescue, calling us from his home, and talking us down then talking us through it. Then we set about moving in.

4b MacDuff and Piper enjoying their first camping trip

The first night we stayed in our campsite, adoring our new home. We put out our awning, lit a campfire, and enjoyed some s’mores.








The next day, we explored the campgrounds. We walked down to the store to purchase a new can opener, as ours self-destructed on first use. We walked to the nearby train tracks to watch the trains go by. We walked the dogs all around the campground, and along the way we met the smartest dog to ever live, Jake the Wonder Dog, who looked like MacDuff’s older brother, and who knew so many and varied tricks! Poor Duff has worked hard to have his repertoire enlarged since meeting Jake. We went fishing, both in the lake. (Nothing.) Then later in the smaller pond, after the extremely friendly proprietors gave me a ride to the bait shop around the corner. (Lots of sunnies.)  John went swimming in the cool Bass shaped pool, even though it was only 68*! (Yes, he IS nuts.)We also treated ourselves Ice Cream sundaes, and John played in the Corn Hole Tournament and ended up 4th overall with his partner. It was a great day!






The next day, we had to leave as the real world was calling. We drove the RV to its new home in Chesapeake, and couldn’t wait for our next trip! All doubts erased, our new mantra is “Four More Years!”

–          Kerri

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